Tips For Keeping Your Pet Safe in the Heat





1. Never ever leave your pet alone in a parked car on a warm day.  Not even for a minute. On a warm day, the temperature inside your vehicle can rise quickly into the danger zone! Leaving windows cracked open does not drop the temperature inside the vehicle.

2. Don’t walk or exercise your pet on hot pavement. Not only can pavement on a hot day burn your dog’s paws, but the heat rising from the concrete or asphalt can quickly overheat an animal lives close to the ground.

3.Exercise your dog during the coolest parts of the day.  This usually means early in the morning or after sunset. Try to stay in the shade during daylight hours, and no matter the time of day, do not overdo outdoor exercise or play sessions.

4. Provide plenty of fresh clean drinking water at all times.  In addition to overheating, your pets can become dehydrated very rapidly in warm weather,  Make sure your pets have access to complete shade if they are outside for any length of time.

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