Reasons For You To Never Tie Your Dog Outside!

Dog Walking

So, you are running errand, getting some coffee or doing some shopping.  You want to take a walk with your dog and  leave  your doggie tied up outside.  Here are some reasons why you never ever tie up your dog outside.

Here are some facts:

1. Most dogs are not happy being tied outside.  Some dogs do learn to deal with it, most pace, bark or whine because they are stressed out.  Its it really worth it to stress out your dog.

2. Sometimes dogs do get loose.  While some the those dogs do not go anywhere and wait for there owners, some will running away in fear and may get hit by a vehicle.

3. Your dog could get stolen.  While most dogs do not get stolen, it does happen.  A percent of those dogs are resold on places like Craig’s list or a random person contacts you and says I found your dog and will ask for a reward for finding your loved one.  Or much worst used as bait for dogs trained to fight.

4. Dogs are not physically equipped to keep cool.  We perspire and dogs pant and panting is not all that efficient.  Many dogs wear their own winter coats in summer and  it is possible to suffer heat stroke.  Even if the dog does not get sick, the dog is likely to be uncomfortable if sitting in the sun.

5. Sometimes you can keep an eye on your dog from inside.  But something is an instant, anything could happen.  Another dog could attack your dog, or when stressed out your dog might even uncharacteristically snap and bite someone.  If this occurs, there could be legal action taken against you.

6. In some places it against the law to leave dogs tied outside.  In some cites police will patrol areas where it’s against the law to tied up your dog  and the owner will be ticketed.

My advice is to bring your partner or a friend, so one person can go inside to grab that sandwich or coffee and the other person stays outside with the dog  Remember to keep your dog safe and comfortable.

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