Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting Omaha NE Specialized Pet Services provides mid-day dog walking and pet sitting visits at your home. This service is a great solution if you have long days at work or an event to attend to that evening and cannot get home on your lunch hour to take the dog for a proper walk.

Mid-day pet sitting is great for pets in need of a walk, a potty break, or just some fresh air and sunlight during the day. We do not group or pack walk. Your dog will receive one on one individualized attention and companionship during the walk.

Puppies that are potty training and senior dogs that cannot hold it all day long can benefit from this pet sitting service.

Active dogs or breeds that get bored easily would love a mid-day pet sitting visit from a friend. We can take your active dog on a brisk walk or throw a ball in the back yard so he can run and fetch.

Call us today for a complimentary consultation to find out more about our mid-day pet sitting services.

Specialized Pet Services also offers doggie daycare and home dog boarding in my home in Omaha NE. Your pets live in my home as if they were my own pets, reducing, for you and your pet, the stress of a kennel.

I provide pickup and drop-off services for dogs that are Overnight Boarding at My Home. All boarding and daycare meet & greets are done at my residence. Let me welcome you and your pets to my home. Your dog comes to a home that loves pets. Come and see where your dog spends quality time in my company

There isn’t any deposit required for dog boarding. Your dog will receive one on one attention.