dog boarding, doggie daycare - Specialized Pet Care ServicesToday’s families often lead busy and hectic lives, which mean that sometimes our family pets do not get the level of attention they deserve.

Specialized Pet Services offers dog boarding, doggie daycare, and mid day pet sitting to ensure that both you and your pets have your needs met when life’s responsibilities do not allow you to be together.

Dog Boarding, Doggie Daycare services:

Whether you need my Omaha dog boarding services for a week, a month or somewhere in between, I am happy to work out an itinerary that fits your needs, giving you peace of mind while you are away from your pet.

I offer scheduled pet boarding visits in my home, which includes feeding and fresh water, play time & exercise, and administering of medication.

I offer Home boarding and doggie day care which allows for complete involved supervision – your pets will live in my home as if they were my own, which reduces the stress of a kennel (both for the animal and for you).

As premier pet sitter in Omaha, I provide pickup and drop off services for dogs staying at my home.

Specialized Pet Services is Bonded, Insured and a member of Pet Sitters of Omaha, which gives the client the necessary peace of mind.

My goal is to provide your pet with a fun, healthy and stress-free experience while you are away, to keep them safe, and to ensure that everyone in the family is happy and smiling. Please let me know what your pet’s specific needs are, so that I am able to provide the best accommodations for you and your loved one.

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John D. Buttner
Owner & Pet Sitter
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