How To Choose A Pet Sitting Or Dog Boarding Service!


When you are choosing a pet sitting or dog boarding service there are many things that you need to consider.

dog boarding or pet sitting service


A Pet Sitter is a contracted service provider who takes care of your pet in it’s on home.

A Mid-Day or Dog Walking is on a weekly basis.  A daytime dog walker is usually hired to visit or walk your dog or dogs during the week on regular basis. A dog walker may be scheduled for daily or just a few days a week.

If your pet sitting services provides vacation or business visits to home which means that the pet sitter will do scheduled visits through out the day and evening at the pets home. These time are pre-determined between the client and pet sitter to best fit the pets needs.

Pet Sitter’s Will Stay At The Clients Home. Some pet sitters do offer live-ion/or overnight care. Live in daytime care is less common because most pet sitters have pets sit and daytime walks they need to do for other clients.

Pets Staying At The Pet Sitter’s Home Instead Of the Clients Home.  This service is becoming very popular and clients like that there dogs are getting socialization and playtime with other dogs. Plus they stay in a dog friendly environment. Boarding availability may be limited to certain types of pets and to a limited amount of dogs that the pet sitter can watch.

Always Meet The Pet Sitter Before First Service Can Be Provide, most pet sitters have a meet & greet consolation before taking care of the clients pets. The consultation will give the sitter time to learn about your pet, fill out paperwork, and to interact with your pet to make sure it’s a good fit.  Make sure you take notes about the required task that need to be fulfill while you are taking care of the your clients pets.

Your Pet Sitter Needs To Be Insured, you should definitely select a pet sitter who is insured for liability.  Pet Sitter can provide proof of coverage.

Should Your Pet Sitter Be Bonded?  Bonding is different than insurance, bonding generally applies if an employee of the pet sitting business steals from the clients’ home. Many bonds only apply to employees of the business, and not the business owner.

Other Factors To Consider, will you have the same sitter serving your home the entire time you are away?  Will the sitter be allowed to bring anyone with them to the pet sits?  Does the sitter ever bring children to the visits?  Do the sitter’s available time periods fit your pets needs?  How will the client’s keys be stored and returned?  Does your sitter know first aid?  Is your sitter a full time sitter or do have a limited availability due to another job or school?  Does the sitter accept multiple payments methods?




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